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Welcome to the Lucksmiths Guitar Tab Archive! Here, you will find guitar chords and tablature to accompany the many pop classics written and recorded by the Australian indiepop band The Lucksmiths.

The lyrics to the songs are reproduced with the permission of the band and their record label, Candle Records, but please remember that ultimate copyright remains with them! These guitar tabs and lyrics are provided for educational use only, and have been compiled by fans around the world. Do not take these to be the 'official' interpretations!

If you would like to contribute your interpretation of a Lucksmiths song not currently featured here, please send it to lucktabs@owenm.co.uk.

Select an album/EP from the list below to get started!

1st September 2003 - Some fine tunes for your enjoyment from the fabulous new album, Naturaliste.

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